Thursday, October 8, 2009

New York City with Future Islands and day off in Manhattan

We followed Future Island's van into NYC

Gerrit Welmers and Sam Herring

The first show we played was in Brooklyn at The Market Hotel

Nick and Brian running the merch table

Darlings performing in Market Hotels large performance space.

Darlings continued

All eyes are watching the restroom

Lonnie Walker Future Islands merch

Justin Flythe at Market Hotel

The refreshment stand

Our friends Lallie, Ashley, and Cindy put us up in their
apartment for a few days.

Acting silly on the roof.


We went to the Natural History Museum.

Central Park

Hangin out on a rock in Central Park

New Jersey across the river

the morning after the Danger Danger Gallery

Monday, August 17, 2009

Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, Greenville NC, Baltimore MD with Future Islands and Javelin

William and Brian setting up the P.A. for the night at the Yau Haus in Charlotte NC.

A mini family reunion in Charlotte.

Outside the bobo gallery in Asheville NC

Brian had forgotten to take out his contacts the previous night and was
stricken with a terrible case of terminator eye

Our good friend from Greenville, Shawn Anderson, stopped by for the

Gerrit Welmers from Future Islands

Javelin setting up their boom box speakers. For the show the boom
boxes are synced through an FM radio transmitter transmitting sound
from their keyboards.

Sam enjoying himself at Enoch's backyard bbq.

Dan Deacon came down for a special show with us and
he came out for the bbq fun

The Nicholas Cage in Baltimore MD.

An interesting camera obscura inside the nicholas cage.

William Cashion (right) of Future Islands

Art Department

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Athens GA and Mountains on the way to Knoxville

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. was hanging out at the venue we played at in Athens, GA and I happened to remember we had just bought a cassette tape of their album "Murmur". After mustering the courage to talk to him I got him to sign it and gave him a complimentary t-shirt. Immediately after signing he said "I spelled my name wrong." which was true.

The route to Knoxville was a welcomed break from the interstate and we were able to stop and enjoy some countryside.

Interesting light should never be wasted.

We couldn't pass up an opportunity for a good band portrait.

ever been to Gatlinburg, TN? We hadn't and we were shocked.

*more photos from Brian to come for this post*

Richmond VA & Greensboro NC

The day after our show we stopped by Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.

this is the view of Belle Isle from Hollywood Cemetery

Lonnie Walker and Jefferson Davis.

It was a hot day to be roaming around Richmond.

Green Bean Coffee House in Greensboro NC. Our first show with House of Fools.

A shot of the new Lonnie Walker shirts.

some fun outside of the local 506 in chapel hill.