Monday, August 17, 2009

Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, Greenville NC, Baltimore MD with Future Islands and Javelin

William and Brian setting up the P.A. for the night at the Yau Haus in Charlotte NC.

A mini family reunion in Charlotte.

Outside the bobo gallery in Asheville NC

Brian had forgotten to take out his contacts the previous night and was
stricken with a terrible case of terminator eye

Our good friend from Greenville, Shawn Anderson, stopped by for the

Gerrit Welmers from Future Islands

Javelin setting up their boom box speakers. For the show the boom
boxes are synced through an FM radio transmitter transmitting sound
from their keyboards.

Sam enjoying himself at Enoch's backyard bbq.

Dan Deacon came down for a special show with us and
he came out for the bbq fun

The Nicholas Cage in Baltimore MD.

An interesting camera obscura inside the nicholas cage.

William Cashion (right) of Future Islands

Art Department

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