Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mclean VA, Baltimore MD, Philly PA

First stop was McLean VA for a house party.

After the show we headed to Baltimore MD to stay with our friends from Future Islands. This is Raymond drinking coffee with Sam Herring.

From Baltimore we headed to Philadelphia for a show at a venue called "The Fire"

This is Travis Fowler. Hes our merchandise man. Its our first time out with a merch guy and we love having Travis around.

Photo credit : Amy Scheidegger

This was a cool letterpress shop in Philly.

This is Amy. Shes a good friend of ours from Greenville and was nice enough to let us stay at her apartment and eat her eggo waffles.

This show was the first one in the string of shows we're doing with Motel Motel. This is Eric from Motel Motel being locked into our undervan.

one of the Erics of motel motel.

Mickey, Jeremy, and Eric (Tim-O not pictured)

Amy Scheidegger's land lord was sprucing up the building in an effort to entice potential new tenants.


  1. what up baby!

    here's the word from cali


  2. very cool eric! i was wondering when i'd see all the photos you took.
    You guys are welcome to my apartment and my eggos anytime.